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March 4, 2019
Even During Volatility, Target Date Investors Stay on Target
In 2018, investors turned fickle. By the time the dust was settled, the S&P 500 had tumbled more than 4% for the year. But that,

October 26, 2018
5 Lessons to Remember During Stock Market Volatility
In light of the recent stock market volatility, IFC would like to take this opportunity to share an important perspective courtesy of Dimensional Fund Advisors, and to remind you of five simple, but important investing caveats that can help you weather the

August 21, 2018
New Book Targets Issues Facing Faith-Based Retirement Plans
IFC advisor Mary Brunson outlines best practices for religious retirement plan sponsors in handling 403(b) investment assets.

July 24, 2017
Like Vanguard? Love IFC
Can Catholic Values portfolios capture a higher expected return than a Vanguard portfolio?…especially when Vanguard is considered the gold standard?

May 22, 2017
IFC: The 1st Quarter of 2017 in Review
2017 started off on a positive note for global investors. With international and emerging markets leading the way, most global indices on are track for

April 17, 2017
Are Your Employees Giving Up on Retirement?
Half of the adult U.S. workforce will either postpone retirement until age 70 or after, while another 20% say they will never retire.

April 3, 2017
Understanding Retirement Planning

November 2, 2016
New York Times: Nonprofit Employees, Already Underpaid, Face Special Challenges in Retirement

April 5, 2016
Six Steps to Sound Financial Stewardship
The significant stock-market volatility seen in the first two months of this year has a lot of investors worried about their retirement savings. According to

March 21, 2016
Uncle Sam Gives Tax Credits for Retirement Saving
By: Mary Brunson, AIF®, Vice President of Investing for Catholics  and Robert J. Toth, JR., JD, Of Counsel, Retirement Law Group Most people know that

December 2, 2014
Retirement Ready? Get Ahead of the Curve with IFC Catholic Values Target Date & Risk-based Index Portfolios
What changes are plan sponsors eyeing to effectively advance retirement readiness? Here are retirement plan design trends to watch for in 2015:

November 12, 2013
Lawsuits Over HHS - And, What Are You Investing In?
If you are following the twists and turns of the HHS Mandate, the most recent developments are both surprising and gratifying.

October 26, 2013
A Plan to Revive Church Retirement
Enrollment, deferral elections, investment selection have long required participants to actively engage the process.

October 23, 2013
Markets Work! A Nobel Prize Winning Idea
What are the implications of Fama's Nobel-prize winning notion? It all boils down to the fact that it's impossible to beat the market on consistently.

September 23, 2013
ERISA's Role in Church Retirement Plans
It may be time for Church retirement plan sponsors to rethink ERISA’s role in their plans, both defined benefit and defined contribution.

September 5, 2013
Much Ado About Fees
A focus on fees in retirement plans has only intensified since the advent of fee disclosure rules. Why? It turns out fees have a substantial impact on ending wealth.

June 24, 2013
A New Breed of Church Retirement Plans?
An aging population and a tough economy have dealt a double blow to church retirement plans, especially defined benefit (DB) plans.

June 5, 2013
What Did He Say?
You know those days when something strikes you so viscerally you just have to drop everything and address it? Today is just such a day for me.

December 28, 2012
Follow the Money
Anyone who's been through a retirement plan transition knows the process is slightly less painful than having a tooth drilled—without novocaine.

November 1, 2012
Can You Do Well While Doing Good?
Investors have long been rewarded for the capital they provide to the global markets. For some, investing is purely about return.

December 22, 2011
Stemming the Tide
"Those who advocate research on embryonic stem cells in the hope of achieving such a result make the grave mistake of denying the inalienable..."

October 20, 2011
Pension Gate
Plan sponsors and trustees of investments such as retirement plans, foundations and endowments frequently implement an active investment strategy.

September 23, 2011
Up and Down, Down and Up
Intense volatility can be very scary for investors, making them susceptible to acting on visceral emotions.

September 23, 2010
Father Robert J Spitzer on Fiduciaries
What led to the financial crisis in the us? Why did we get to the point of catastrophic collapse? Why is it that our financial institutions seem to have drifted into this ethical neutrality that led to the complete absence of truth trust and transparency?

September 4, 2010
Hawking’s Attack on God Draws Logical Response
The battle lines have been drawn on what promises to be the grand debate over Grand Design – Stephen Hawking’s latest work. In his book, Hawking directly fires at a cornerstone of faith — the need for a Creator of the universe. Sensitivity to this issue h

June 3, 2010
Investors Demanding Social Justice
The ICCR doesn’t accept that doing good and doing well have to be mutually exclusive at American companies, recent experience notwithstanding. If ever the corporate world could use a healthy infusion of responsibility, this would seem to be the time.

April 28, 2010
Father Finn on a Clear Path in the Fight for Transparency
The battle lines have been drawn all over the financial world: Wall Street vs. the government, Main Street vs. Wall Street, Main Street vs. Wall Street AND the government…