IFC's Target Date Funds — Compellingly Catholic and Competitive

Mary Brunson
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Great news! Investing for Catholics (IFC) has extended the deadline for you to access its deeply discounted Founders' share class (R2). Plan sponsors who adopt the IFC Target Date Funds in 2018 will have permanent access to this low-cost share class.

IFC's Catholic Values Target Date Funds Offer Several Major Advantages:

Low-Cost and Catholic:

The all-in expenses of the IFC Target Date Funds R2 are 0.48%-0.52%.  This makes them among the lowest-cost target date funds available—and IFC is the onlyprovider of Catholic Values target date funds.

Head-to-Head Competitor to Industry Leading Target Date Funds:

The IFC Target Date Funds have higher expected returns and higher income replacement rates when compared to non-screened target date funds from Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity Freedom, J.P. Morgan, American Funds, Knights of Columbus, and BlackRock—and while following very similar glide paths. The chart below shows the average annualized returns for the 17 years prior to retirement.


IFC Target Date vs Various Funds


Click here for fund factsheets.

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Easy-to-Own and Prudent—Built with Index Funds:

IFC's funds are built with low-cost, globally diversified index funds from the highly regarded Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), a leading provider of index-style mutual funds. DFA has made its mark by structuring funds that target the sources of higher expected returns when compared to other index funds. The total assets in the component funds exceed $10 Billion (as of 12/31/17).

Strong Historical Performance:

Take a look at the fact sheets for model performance numbers. This data reflects all available live fund and index data going back to 1/1/2001, the inception date for most of the S&P Target Date benchmark series. As you will see, IFC's Target Date Funds offer highly competitive performance relative to both the industry and blended benchmarks. They are Catholic—without Compromise.

Easy to Add to Your Plan:

Adding the IFC Target Date Funds to your plan is simple. They are available on most record keeping platforms, and simply need to be requested. I have included a list of current trading platforms and a participation agreement for you to add the funds to your plan's lineup.

With 2018 well under way, now is the time for you, your internal team and consultants to give IFC Target Date Funds careful consideration. They will be a valuable addition to your employer-sponsored plan(s).

If you or you consultant would like information on our IFC Target Date Fund products, please click here, or email mary@ifa.com, or call 888-815-5025.