Your Church Retirement Plan Needs Fixing

Retirement readiness is in peril. Most working Americans today are either not saving enough, not investing well enough, paying too much in plan fees—and probably all three! Church-sponsored retirement plans are no exception. In 8 straightforward chapters, author and Catholic Church retirement plan expert, Mary Brunson delivers a step-by-step guide to improve retirement outlooks for employees of church-run organizations, while also providing fiduciary guidelines and best practices to protect plan sponsors.

Do Investment Committees Pick Winners?

About 82% of all institutional investment committees hire investment consultants. Collectively, they oversee about $13 TRILLION in assets. But, how effective are these consultants really? Do they add value? Or, are they just there for fiduciary shield or hand-holding? In her latest long-form article “Do Investment Committees Pick Winners?”, Mary Brunson analyzes the results of several studies on the effectiveness of consultants—or lack thereof...

Tending the Flock: Shepherding Catholic Retirement Plans

Tending the Flock: Shepherding Catholic Retirement Plans is an up-to-date and quick read that provides valuable information, insights and information, and it is specifically written for retirement plan sponsors within Catholic organizations. The book is a comprehensive, practical guide for plan stewards of Catholic organizations written to deliver best practices for building a new secure retirement plan structure in today's post-Great Recession economy.

Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors

Mark Hebner is on a mission to change the way the world invests — by replacing speculation with education. With that in mind, this little gem packs hard data and hundreds of unique and colorful paintings, charts and graphs portraying historic stock market data all the way back to 1928. This is a quick, intelligent read and arguably the most artistic book ever written on investing.