IFC Risk-Based Index Portfolios

Investing for Catholics' risk-appropriate index portfolios enable individuals and institutions to invest according to their own unique risk capacity as measured by a risk capacity score. Each index portfolio is implemented with risk-appropriate blends of low-cost passively managed mutual funds. The IFC Risk-Based Index Portfolios provide substantial global diversification with investments in as many as 9,000 companies in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

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IFC Index Portfolio
Data from MorningstarĀ®

The Stock Funds Included in the IFC Catholic Value Index Portfolios are Screened to Exclude Companies that:

  • Directly participate in abortions
  • Own or operate acute-care hospitals or surgical centers
  • Engage in the development or manufacture of abortifacients.
  • Derive identifiable revenues from the development or manufacture of contraceptives.
  • Conduct stem cell research with cells derived from human embryos or fetal tissue, use fetal cell lines in the development of vaccines and other biologics such as therapeutic proteins and gene therapy products, or develop products for scientific research specifically on embryonic or fetal stem cells, such as technology that isolates or regulates the growth and proliferation of stem cells.
  • Derive 15% (or more) of their total business revenue from the rental, sale, distribution or production of pornographic materials or the ownership or operation of adult entertainment establishment.
  • Derive 15% (or more) of revenue from the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, the supply of raw materials and other products necessary for the production of alcoholic beverages or the distribution of alcoholic beverages.
  • Have had major recent controversies relating to child labor infractions in the US or abroad.
  • Derive 20% (or more) of revenue from the production of goods used exclusively for gambling, such as slot machines; ownership and/or operation of casinos, racetracks, bingo parlors, or other betting establishments; or the provision of services in casinos that are fundamental to gambling operations, such as gambling technology.
  • Are involved in the production of anti-personnel landmines, anti-vehicle landmines, or the essential components of these products.
  • Derive 20% (or more) of revenue from the production and/or sale of military weapons or weapons systems; customized components for military weapons or weapons systems; or weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons systems, and customized components thereof.
  • Conduct business in Sudan, including those that own assets in, have employees/facilities in, obtain goods/services from, or have distribution agreements in Sudan; that issue credits or loans to companies domiciled in Sudan; or provide goods/services to, or purchase goods or commercial paper issued by, the government of Sudan.
  • Derive at least 15% of revenue from the manufacture of tobacco products, production of raw materials and other products necessary for the production of tobacco products, or the distribution of tobacco products.