Retirement Plan Products and Services

Investing for Catholics retirement plan products and services are designed to advance the retirement security of employees of Catholic plan sponsors, including religious orders, dioceses, archdioceses, not-for-profit organizations and even private companies who would like to provide easy-to-own, low-cost Catholic values screened target date and risk-based retirement plan strategies.

IFC’s wide range of services and products make it easy for you to work with IFC in a variety of ways. IFC’s fiduciary services offering provides investment selection and oversight services, along with investment portfolio construction, investment policy statement development, and fiduciary protection with IFC’s Performance Monitoring System. For plan sponsors who work with various plan consultants for plan management and oversight, IFC’s Target Date Fund Series provides easy-to-own, daily-valued, low-cost and diversified investment funds designed to achieve higher expected returns in a Catholic Values fund product. Catholic—without Compromise.